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Care home set in a nice area.

My friend had a cousin who was looking for a care home to go into in Maidenhead where she could be cared for well. A search was done for dementia care in Maidenhead and Normanhurst was found. The staff were professional and yet caring with their approach and manner.

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 12.15 pm

Log Cabin made from Spruce Timber

After wanting a log cabin for quite some time, my friend decided to buy one from Shop for Garden who supply and deliver. The log cabin pack came with all of the necessary components including an assembly kit and instructions. It was the highest quality of Spruce timber which is perfect for standing the test of time as well as remaining strong throughout all seasons. It was a comprehensive service and he thinks this site is fantastic for any outbuilding.

This blog was posted Friday 21st June 2019 : 09.31 am

Evening Walks Four Times A Week

K9 Adventures are a fantastic dog-walking service. It is clear to see they love dogs and enjoy looking after them. My neighbour lives on her own in town. Luckily there is a park close by and this is where the dog walkers take her alsatian out in the evenings four times a week. Her dog is full of energy and is ever so friendly and energetic. He appears to love his evening walks with them.

This blog was posted Friday 14th June 2019 : 11.05 am

Personable, customer-driven service

Ansell Plumbing arrived promptly for the initial assessment. The guys got right to work and were polite, tidy. Some parts the work proved more complicated than expected but these guys came back the next day to ensure it was completed. They were kind enough to go through the nature of the technicalities in laymans terms. Five stars to this company and their personable service.

This blog was posted Monday 3rd June 2019 : 12.12 pm

Popular with the Customers

If you`re looking for quality craftspeople who take pride in their work then go to the Naked Tiler the work is second to none! They completed a full bathroom retiling for my neighbours and they were very pleased with the result. They really appreciated their transparency throughout the process and also their communication. He is brilliant at what he does and he gets a lot of work via word of mouth recommendations which goes to show that his customers like him and the work he produces.

This blog was posted Monday 3rd June 2019 : 10.31 am

Great features

My friend bought one of the Eco Eye Energy Monitors and is very impressed by this product. He loved how simple it was to instal. He loves the feature which indicates when to switch the washing on via a green flashing LED and tells him when and how much he is sending back to the grid. He also said that the customers of service here is like no other. They went out of their way to assist him and for this, he gives them five stars!

This blog was posted Friday 17th May 2019 : 10.39 am

Excellent roofing company

My dad needed his roof re-tiled and called ASAP Roofing to do the job after hearing some great things about this company. My dad used to work in the trade and has completed many roofing jobs over the years, so it was important that he found the right company who have experience in the trade. This company were brilliant and did such a great job. My dad remarked on how professional the roofers were and that they were very precise and thorough workmen. Thumbs up!

This blog was posted Thursday 5th July 2018 : 12.41 pm

Impressive company and service

My grandad was so pleased about SB Roofing and how they conducted themselves as true professionals. His roof needed retiling and after having trouble with a previous company, he needed to be sure that he chose the right company for the job. My grandad was confident in their services after he saw some of their previous work and also had heard some positive word of mouth recommendations. The price was pretty reasonable he also mentioned. The team were friendly and hard working and kept my grandad in the loop with all the work being carried out. He was really impressed with this company.

This blog was posted Monday 25th June 2018 : 09.39 am

Well worth the money

Top marks! My next door neighbour is thrilled to bits with the outcome of her first professional oven clean. She said it was well worth the money and she'd have the Oven Cleaning Company over again in a heartbeat to clean the oven. The cleaner, Colin, was extremely polite and hardworking whilst being punctual and working quickly. He was very thorough and precise in the clean, leaving no dirty marks or grease behind. A very friendly and efficient service, my neighbour was very impressed.

This blog was posted Monday 5th February 2018 : 11.57 am

Affordable solution

If you ever are in need of a professional plumber who is qualified and experienced in a variety of areas, then Sam Mercer Plumbing are the ones for you. They deal with a whole manner of plumbing and heating needs to help you find an affordable solution to your plumbing and heating problems. My daughter has recently moved into her first home and discovered that her heating was not working when she arrived home from work one day. She looked online for a heating company who were based near to her and she came across this company. They arrived promptly and were friendly, kind and very helpful. They even gave her some tips on how to keep the cost of her heating down to a minimal.

This blog was posted Friday 17th November 2017 : 11.53 am

Complete transformation

My work colleague really recommends Mrs Ovens if you are looking to have your oven thoroughly cleaned. She completely transformed my friend's oven, leaving my friend overjoyed with how it had turned out. The inside of her oven was left smelling fresh and looking shiny, the hobs and grill were spick and span and the oven door window is one again transparent! Quite tempted to take down her details and get her in to clean my son's oven.. it sure needs a good clean!

This blog was posted Thursday 16th November 2017 : 04.09 pm

Old English pub

My dad is the proud owner of an old English pub which has been in the family for two generations. The public house has come on leaps and bounds and is a firm British favourite of the locals. There are two feature fireplaces, one in the dining area and one in the snug. It wasn't until my brother asked him why he never has them lit in the winter and my dad had never thought about having them cleaned, he was happy just having them as features in the pub. After my brother protested and insisted that he have them professionally swept, my dad soon changed his mind. Steve Ely came in and swept and cleared both the chimnies and he is delighted every time winter rolls around, as he looks forward to having them lit up and so do the locals. The pub feels even more cosy and warm.

This blog was posted Thursday 16th November 2017 : 12.18 pm

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