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No Blockages

My friend owns a pub which is busy throughout all of the seasons. The urinals used to get blocked quite easily until he found a product to help with this issue. Chem Assist has a product which keeps drains clear to ensure no foul smells and blockages. It prevents build-up and keeps the toilets and urinals clear all year round and even in the busier seasons.

This blog was posted Thursday 17th October 2019 : 12.19 pm

Financial Profile

My friend was in despair as he really struggled to get a mortgage after setting up his new catering business. He had struggles trying to prove that his income was steady so he got some specialist help. I need some help put him in touch with the right people who could help him to get the mortgage he was after. Their specialist mortgage providers worked with him and his financial profile to get him the best deal.

This blog was posted Friday 5th July 2019 : 11.11 am

Accountancy Requirements

If you know anyone who requires a reliable accountant who has comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about accounts and finances, go to Dominic Hill who helped my friend out. They were a superb help to her who made her feel at ease and helped her with her accountancy needs.

This blog was posted Friday 5th July 2019 : 10.46 am

Flammable solvents

My husband wanted a fire extinguisher to keep at home just as a precaution. In recent years, he has built a self-contained workshop underneath the house. It looks fantastic but in terms of safety he was concerned and thought it would be best to get a fire extinguisher to leave down there at all times as there is a lot of electrical machinery and flammable solvents, varnishes etc. He called up ETC Fire who sold him an extinguisher which suited the potential type of fire, should one occur. They were super friendly guys and even showed him how to correctly use his new fire extinguisher.

This blog was posted Friday 17th November 2017 : 02.39 pm

Style and quality

If you are looking for stylish and quality products which reflect your business, then go to Ocean Press. They are a company who is reliable and punctual. They take your ideas and bring them to life. Similarly, if you do not have a clear idea of what look and feel you want for your flyers or business cards, then Ocean Press has a number of skilled staff who have an excellent ability to grasp what you want. These guys have vision and the ability to produce some really great stuff, which speaks volumes about a person's business.

This blog was posted Tuesday 3rd October 2017 : 10.42 am

A Safe Choice

This is a company who knows what they are doing. The level of expertise and commitment towards their clients is exceptional. My brother always comes to Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers for any queries and questions which he has concerning insurance. They provide a real personable service and will go over and above to help you get the best value for money. My neice has passed her driving test and will soon be on the road with her new car. He is taking her to Reid Briggs to get her insured with them, as he is confident that he will be more than satisfied with the level of service provided.

This blog was posted Wednesday 20th September 2017 : 10.19 am

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