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About VIP.me.uk

VIP.me.uk offers you E-mails which is scanned for viruses before your computer gets them. If a virus is spotted, it is automatically removed. The system is updated every few hours to ensure that it stays up to date.


  1. Trust your E-mails.
    If an E-mail contains a virus, it will be automatically deleted. You will not get the E-mail.
  2. Use Outlook Express or another programme to send and receive E-mails. Instructions are available.
  3. The members area is very useful, with lots of information about computers in a language we can all understand. Tips, links to interesting site, and more. You need a password to get in.
  4. Support is available at £15 extra. This entitles you to talk to someone for up to one hour about any computer problem you have. They will give you advice in a language you can understand.
  5. Good value for money! If you choose not to have support (you will still get set-up instructions) you only pay £10 per year.
  6. You can view E-mails online (e.g. from the office or when you are on holiday). Just click on Webmail in the top right corner and type your username and password. Please note that webmail is not a substitute for the E-mail programme on your computer. All Emails viewed online must be retrieved by your computer within three weeks or the will be deleted.

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Three steps to getting your
VIP E-mail address.

  1. Decide which name you wish to use
    • firstname.lastname is the standard
  2. Decide if you need support
    • £10 without support
    • £25 with support
  3. Decide how you want to pay

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Please note that despite the online scanning facilities, some viruses may still get through, and we cannot be held accountable when these do damage. You are advised to take care before opening E-mail attachments, and install antivirus software, and firewalls. Our members area will give you advice, plus all the relevant information you need, ias well as links to sites where you can download quality programmes for free.